Role Of BLCPC:

  • To form Village Level Child Protection Committee [VLCPC].

  • To support VLCPC in organising awareness camps at community level on prevailing child protection issues and ways to address.

  • To inform the community about VLCPC, BLCPC and DCPS and their roles.

  • To inform the community about the services of various departments for the children.

  • To organise training for the service providers at community level from various departments on child protection and rights.

  • To IEC for awareness. This may include wall writing, Audio-Visual show, banner & poster etc.

  • To conduct meeting of VLCPCs ateast quarterly and strengthening Child Protection Monitoring.

  • To take proactive role in addressing Early Marriage, Child Trafficking etc with local administration and police station.

  • To communicate with Child Welfare Committee [CWC] and Juvenile Justice Board [JJB] in need.

  • To bring the attention of DCPS for the issues not possible to address at local level.

!! To take Violation of Child Rights as NON-NEGOTIABLE !!