Role of District Child Protection Unit

  1. To provide support regarding Non Institutional Care services like Adoption, Sponsorship and Reported Child Abuse cases.

  2. Regular monitoring and afford assistance to the Child Care Institutions.

  3. To give support in legal process.

  4. To provide counselling support.

  5. Maintaining Track Child Portal.

  6. Documentation to best practices and the event reports.

  7. Strong linkage with statutory body like CWC, JJB, SJPU ; other line departments

  8. To keep record of Individual Care Plan, Home Study Report, Social Investigation Report.

  9. Maintaining proper financial records of allotted funds and submission of UC and other financial matter.

  10. Maintaining data base.

  11. Conduct Review Meetings.

  12. Awareness Generation including developing IEC materials.

  13. Conduct capacity building workshop.